The Official #TNTNight Chant and Sign Extravaganza Thread

From the Ed Montes Plan himself. -- TZ

Hello fellow StR'ers....

As you know by now, February 9th should be a special night in Sacramento. The Kings will be on national TV (TNT to be specific) against the Oklahoma City Thunder and we want to make sure we don't waste a chance to send a strong message to the league AND to our local community about how much we deserve an NBA franchise. It's really all about supporting our team and showing that Sacramento remains one of the best markets in the NBA. We'll do our best to promote this thing, pack Arco (or PBP... whatever) once again, and make sure it rocks like old times. For this we will need your help.

First of all we obviously would love you all to make it out there on Feb 9th. The Kings have some really solid ticket deals going on right now and you should definitely take advantage of that. If you were thinking about attending one or two games this season, this one might be the one to go to. It'll be another blackout with the (obviously) black jerseys, rally towels and those purple glow sticks will be given at the door. It should be a great atmosphere and let's hope the team can rise to the occasion.

As for us fans... when we had our Here We Stay nights last year, we found a lot of success through our signs and chants that we were able to coordinate. For this game, we would like to do the same. We are working on getting signs and passing them out to fans and will also work on having a chant flyer to pass around and make sure we're being heard. We're not the most creative bunch so we need help with ideas for both signs and the chants.

For chants, we will likely go with the "Sa-Cra-Men-To" one which was very effective last year and likely also a "Here-We-Stay" one. We would like to add one or possibly two more to the rotation. The key? Keep it simple! We want to make a statement, but we also want to make sure that people can listen to the chant and understand what we're saying. This is about our city, our team, and the need for a new ESC. If you have something in mind, go for it... if we find one we feel we could add, we will.

As for signs: we have a couple photoshop wizards in kfipp and Aykis so we were hoping to put their talents to good use. If you have an idea for a sign, whether it's words or pictures, post it in the comments. They'll see what they can do and we may be able to print them out and pass them around. Again, don't lose sight of the goal here. This isn't so much about Anaheim anymore, as it is about making something happen here in our town. We are a great market and we need a new ESC (incorporating TNT in there might also guarantee we get the sign on national TV so think about that).

We have a couple more things planned that may or may not materialize but we'll keep everyone in the loop as we get closer to the date. We may also look for volunteers to help us pass out these signs and flyers outside the building before the game so stay tuned for that... If you want to help out, shoot me an email at

Use this thread for all of the above plus for questions, concerns, suggestions, and anything that comes to mind. As always, keep it positive and let's get this done!

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