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Joe Maloof Denies Kings Are Considering Replacement For Geoff Petrie

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A report that surfaced Tuesday in a newspaper blog attributed only to a text message denied our report that the Kings have recently considered replacing Geoff Petrie as the team's president of basketball operations.

[A] report that surfaced Tuesday night (sic) in a fan blog attributed only to sources - that Kings co-owners Joe and Gavin Maloof have considered relieving Petrie of his position and have contacted a management agent - has been denied forcefully by Joe Maloof.

"No, this is not true," Maloof texted The Bee. "I had heard about (the rumor). We will be fine. We have had the toughest schedule in the league by far."

That denial was so forceful I believe that Joe Maloof broke the "o" on his Blackberry keyboard. (Seriously, a forceful text message?)

Of course, there was nothing else Maloof could say in response to this question; there's a reason "vote of confidence" is a global sports joke. I stand by our report here and at