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'Trying A Little Bit Too Hard To Do What We're Supposed To Do'

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Paul Westphal in the post-game comments, in response to a question about why the coach thinks that the Sacramento Kings continually get hammered in the first quarter:

I think that we're trying a little bit too hard to do what we're supposed to do instead of just thinking about playing aggressively. I really think that has a big part of it.

In the first three minutes of the game, the Kings took five shots. Three were J.J. Hickson jump shots. J.J. Hickson shoots 29.8 percent from beyond 10 feet on his career (157-526), according to Hoopdata. There were 13, 7 and 13 seconds on the shot clock on those shots Wednesday night.

How far down on the "what we're supposed to do" list is a J.J. Hickson jumper with 13 seconds on the shot clock?