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What Does Keith Smart Bring, Good And Bad?

I reached out to Nate Parham of Golden State of Mind for a little recon on Keith Smart, the Sacramento Kings' new (for now) head coach.

One might expect that Warriors fans would be happy with Smart after improving the team 10 games in his first full season as a head coach after 7 years as an assistant. If nothing else, it seemed as if he should have gotten a second year to grow as a coach with personnel he was familiar with (though I think given new ownership not retaining the guy from the old regime was understandable).

However, I can say if this GSOM poll is any indication, Warriors fans weren't too happy with Smart on the whole and at least 75% were somewhere between unhappy and indifferent.

The reason for people's displeasure was pretty simple: the offense often looked disorganized, they probably didn't run the pick and roll as much as they should have given their obvious strength on the perimeter, there were some controversial substitution patterns involving Stephen Curry and one could argue that the team's improvement was as much due to the team's top 4-5 players being healthier as it was to coaching.

I don't know what on earth is going on in the Kings' locker room right now, but it will be a major test to see how quickly he can come in and clean up this mess while resolving the questions about his rotations, strategy, and handling of players that Warriors fans might have had.