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Kings vs. Magic Preview: WE ALL BOUNCE

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Orlando Magic at Sacramento Kings
The Gymmer, Sacramento
3 p.m. Pacific, Comcast SportsNet California

The Kings play at home for the last time until 2017 this afternoon as Ryan Anderson and the Magic visit. That's only a slight exaggeration: after Sunday's game, for the rest of January the Kings will play 10 games on the road and two at home. They won't be back in Sacramento until January 18.

That makes the last chance to rely on home court vital. Unfortunately, the Magic are damn good, as teams with Dwight Howard ought to be. Local boy Anderson has been on fire this season; he's average about 18/7, shooting 42 percent on threes as the Magic's new feature stretch four. I'm just glad Anderson has taken from Matt Barnes the mantle of 'best current NBA player from Sacramento.' (Even though Anderson is from El Dorado Hills.)

The Magic are 5-3 and again have one of the league's better offenses (No. 9) and defenses (No. 11). Orlando is shooting well this season, and has a top-tier shooting defense based around Howard. That facet plus Sacramento's iffy shooting could spell doom. But the Kings won't be cajoled into many turnovers; if Sacramento racks them up, it'll be only because they are playing sloppy.

Game's at 3. Game threads at 3 and 4:30. Let's go Kings!