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Kings Revoke Sactown Royalty's Camp Invite Due to FTM Night

The Kings open training camp Wednesday. Here's why Sactown Royalty will not be covering the event.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I love the Kings. I spend far too much time watching, reading, and writing about the Kings. Unfortunately, I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It's unfortunate only in basketball terms, though. I love living here. The only drawback is the distance from my favorite sports team.

I love writing about sports. It was my love of the Kings that opened up this opportunity. I began writing in the fanposts here at Sactown Royalty, and it was an amazing honor the day Tom asked me to join the front page. It's opened the door for other writing opportunities, and I'm now officially a part-time contributor for SB Nation. It's a dream come true.

Actually, my real dream came true a couple weeks ago. The Sacramento Kings announced they would be holding training camp at the Olympic training center here in Colorado Springs. I was going to get the opportunity to cover my favorite team live and in person. We contacted the Kings to obtain media access, I arranged for time off from work, everything was lined up.

But sometimes people change their minds.

The Kings organization caught wind of our plans for FTM night. I suppose in a way, that might be my fault. When we announced FTM night, one of my Twitter followers alerted me that local charities often partner with the Kings concessions, and that those organizations rely on the income from those concessions stands. The last thing any of us ever wanted to do was to harm the local community. I reached out to members of the Kings organizations to see if we could find out which charities were partnering for the game in question. I was thinking that maybe Sactown Royalty could hold a fundraiser to get donations to offset whatever damage we may cause. So, in a way, perhaps I brought this upon myself.

No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose.

The Kings organization has now revoked our media access to training camp. My favorite team, from the town I grew up in, will be holding training camp 15 minutes away from me, and I will be completely unable to cover it.

Now, I need to make this clear. There are some very good people within the Kings organization. The people who made this decision are good people. They are hard working people who love the Kings just as much as any of us, and as much as I hate to say it, I can see their point of view on this. We're promoting FTM night at the same time we're asking for access. They have bosses to answer to, and granting access in the shadow of FTM night could be tough to explain.

But it still really, really sucks.

What this means is twofold. First, it means that I cannot offer you the opportunity to submit questions for me to ask of the Kings players and staff. It means that your coverage of training camp will in all likelihood be almost exclusively limited to the Kings own media personnel. Since the camp is in Colorado, most of the traditional local media is unlikely to attend. I believe Jason Jones is making the trip, but I'm not totally sure.

Second, it means FTM night needs to be a success. It needs to send the message. It needs to be worth it. In case this situation hasn't already made it abundantly clear, the Kings organization is aware of what we do. Let's keep up the pressure. Let's make a grand showing on November 7th. Let's remind the Maloofs that we have not forgotten, and that we will not forget. A new season does not wipe the slate clean. Unlike our beloved Kings, who get a fresh chance on the court every year, the scoreboard against the Maloofs gets no reprieve. And this shouldn't have been about that. This post, this week, should have been about training camp.

I really just wanted to write about basketball again.