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VOTE: What should we call the unnamed arena at which the Kings play?

It's time to decide what we should call The Arena Formerly Known As Power Balance Pavilion.

Jed Jacobsohn - Getty Images

Power Balance, the namesake of the Sacramento Kings' arena, has filed for bankruptcy and won't be giving the Maloofs any more money owed for that naming rights deal. We don't like to see the Maloofs get screwed, so Power Balance deserves not one iota more publicity from the arena. So we need something else to call the building.

On Tuesday, we asked for your suggestions. Today, we ask you to vote on the options with the most recs in Tuesday's thread. The name will make its useful debut in our recap of the Kings' preseason opener tonight, assuming that the Maloofs don't announce a new naming rights partner before then.

Have it at, and make the case for your favorite in the comments.