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Kings vs. Suns: Tyreke Evans to reportedly start at small forward

It's just the first game of the preseason, but this news will be sure to tickle a number of fans in all the wrong places: Keith Smart is planning to slot Tyreke Evans as the Kings' starting small forward on Wednesday, according to multiple reports, including one by Fox 40's Jim Crandell. As you may remember (in the case you haven't been able to forget), Evans finished last season as the team's starting small forward. While he was an improvement on John Salmons, many fans felt that he'd be better suited at shooting guard.

Truth be told, the team and Evans were better last season when Tyreke played small forward over shooting guard. The team was -8.3 per 48 with Tyreke at two-guard and -3.7 per 48 with Tyreke at small forward. That can likely at least partially be owed to many (most?) of those Tyreke-at-the-two minutes coming with Salmons at the three. But Evans had a 15.5 PER at two-guard, and 17 PER at small forward.

Crandell reported that the rest of the starting lineup will be the version we saw in the second half of last season: Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Thornton in the backcourt, Jason Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins up front.