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Thomas Robinson's job: annoy opponents

The rookie wants to be so energetic that opponents stop coming at him.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Jonathan Santiago has a great quote from Kings rookie Thomas Robinson on what he aims to do by being so energetic on the court.

"I think that's my whole job - to annoy the other guy to the point that he just doesn't want to check me no more."

Some of the league's best defenders get by like this -- Anderson Varejao, Bruce Bowen ... even Rajon Rondo, to a point, is tough precisely because he never quits. When you mix Robinson's athleticism and that energy, who knows how good he could be on defense?

The best part is that what Robinson showed in the first preseason game and what we're talking about here are very different from what the three other big men on the Kings offer. DeMarcus Cousins is agile and smart (league leader in charges taken), but doesn't pay up on opponents. Chuck Hayes uses a low center of gravity and superlative strength to get his way. Jason Thompson is a mix of those two -- he's strong and agile, but he's not in anyone's lap.

It looks like T-Rob may be the kind of guy opponents hate to see. That's fantastic.