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Kings sanctioned for handshake routine

On Tuesday, we found out that the NBA would begin limiting teams to just 90 seconds after starting lineups were announced to get on court and ready for the tip. This is aimed at cutting down the long handshake and prep routines a number of players and teams have adopted. If a team isn't ready to tip after 90 seconds, referees can assess delay of game warnings. Multiple warnings can be assessed and, per usual, the second warning leads to a technical foul and a free throw for the other team.

On Tuesday, the Kings became (to my knowledge) the first team assessed a delay of game warning under the rule. (See update below.)

Gary Gerould on the radio broadcast mentioned during the first timeout that the rule had been explained to media row and that the official had indicated he did assess Sacramento a delay of game warning for a too-long handshake period. I personally blame Isaiah Thomas, a strong young leader who insists on talking up each of his teammates before going into battle for two hours. How dare he.

Thank goodness for the NBA league office.

UPDATE: It appears that the Celtics actually earned the first warning on Saturday. We can't win anything.