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Kings vs. Lakers: Thomas Robinson's dunk leads video highlights

As you'd expect, the grand highlight from the Kings' Sunday win over the Lakers was Thomas Robinson's putback over (yes, OVER) Dwight Howard.

Of course, the Thomas Robinson is all I want to watch forever. Everything about it is amazing: the circumstances (Dwight Howard's debut, T-Rob's first game at STAPLES), the air T-Rob gets, the dunk, the reaction from the Lakers bench, the reaction from DeMarcus Cousins ... it's a beauty. I want to take this highlight on a date and even buy it dessert. <3 <3 <3

But the game had other awesome moments, including the final two plays in this clip: the Boogie steal and transition dunk, and the go-ahead face-up drive and lay-up by DMC. On the former, Boogie robbed Howard blind and beat Pau Gasol down the floor for the jam. I want to send this clip to every jackwagon who predicted Cousins would eat himself out of the league young back in 2010 and 2011. EAT THIS, JACKWAGONS. The latter play just shows Cousins' supreme skill set and agility. Sure, Howard is rusty. But Cousins is so quick Dwight has no chance at all of blocking that unless he sags off really early.

Having James Johnson available to defend Kobe Bryant on the final Lakers attempt is also a nice change. I kinda love this roster!