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Kings and News10 Reach New Broadcast Agreement for 10 Games


The Sacramento Kings today sent out two press releases regarding the 2012-13 television broadcast. The first release announced that 72 of the Kings 82 regular season games will be broadcast on Comcast Sportsnet. That left the question as to where the other 10 games would be broadcast considering the Kings have no nationally televised appearances.

That was answered shortly after in a press release announcing a new agreement with local ABC affiliate News10 to carry 10 select Kings game. As many of you will remember, News10 did not renew their last broadcast agreement with the Kings following the 2006-07 season.

News10 will carry the following 10 games throughout the season:

Nov. 18th v. Brooklyn Nets
Dec. 16th v. Denver Nuggets
Dec. 28th v. New York Knicks
Jan. 12th v. Miami Heat
Jan. 25th v. Oklahoma City Thunder
Feb. 2nd @ New York Knicks
Feb. 9th v. Utah Jazz
Mar. 1st @ San Antonio Spurs
Mar. 23rd @ Denver Nuggets
Mar. 30th v. Los Angeles Lakers

President and General Manager of News10 Maria Barrs had this to say:

"News10 is thrilled about the opportunity to share this exclusive partnership with the Kings. We, like the rest of the community, expect this to be a big year for the team, and we're energized about the chance to bring so many high-profile matchups to more local homes than ever before."

Having News10 in the fold is a good thing. Not everyone has cable or satellite, and with the Kings airing in homes this year and hopefully performing better, it will help keep the team in the local spotlight.