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Introducing the #HereWeStayNBA Video Project

Join our video campaign to tell the NBA why the Kings need to stay in Sacramento.

Jed Jacobsohn

As I mentioned in a post I wrote a bit over a month ago, Here We Stay is launching a campaign to start the season in hopes of continuing to raise awareness around the importance of NBA basketball in Sacramento in the face of an uncertain future. After some planning and the help of a number of fans behind the scenes, we are happy to roll out #HereWeStayNBA (social media is how we are able to communicate with a big part of the fan base so excuse the hash tag name).

As a group, Here We Stay believes that any relocation decision ultimately comes down to one party: the NBA and the Board of Governors and that is who we will try to target. Kings fans have proven to be great, loyal fans to this team and its owners throughout the years; that is well documented. But if/when it comes time for the league office and the other 29 owners to make a decision on relocation (whether that happens March 2013 or March 2025, or whenever) we want to send them a reminder of what this team staying in Sacramento means to Kings fans, not only to local ones but also to Kings fans around the world.

How do we hope to accomplish that? A #HereWeStayNBA social media campaign including a video campaign, and a strategic list of 82 reasons why the NBA is good for Sacramento. HWS has opened a YouTube channel where we hope to collect videos from fans and supporters sharing their stories on what this team means to them and why this city deserves to keep its only professional team. The ultimate goal of this idea is to eventually, if needed, put together all of the videos we collect into 30 DVDs and send them to the other 29 owners and Commissioner David Stern's office. We like to think this is a chance for fans to directly, or subtly, address the NBA and the BOG and state our case on why the Kings shouldn't go anywhere. Many times we feel like the fans are the ones without a voice when it comes to relocation, so this could be our chance. In the short term, having these up on YouTube will also continue to drum up support and keep the relocation conversation front and center on a local and national scale.

As always (and I say this every time I post about HWS) anything we as a fan base attempt to do is a small drop in a big bucket. In fact, many believe these things won't accomplish a thing. That's an understandable position. The way others see it is that doing nothing guarantees 100% that you would have zero say in whatever the outcome is. Trying something, anything, at least gives you that 0.0001% that you may have some kind of say. We hope there are some fans out there who are still willing to fall in that second category. So with that out of the way...

If you'd like to participate, these are more or less the guidelines we would really like everyone to follow: To keep entries to the point and easy to upload to YouTube, we are asking everyone to limit their videos to 50 seconds or less. Use your smart phone, laptop camera, or any other device to record yourself and then email the video to Doing this will automatically upload your video to the channel. Please note that depending on how big your video file is, you may not be able to email it so if that ends up being the case, email and we'll do our best to help you upload your entry

Start your video by saying "My name is XX and I would like to keep NBA basketball in Sacramento" and end it by saying "Here We Stay NBA." The rest of the video is up to you! In any way you want, explain what this team staying in Sacramento means to you and why this market and these fans deserve to keep the Kings. Also directly, or indirectly, discourage the approval of a relocation bid, next year or several years from now. We encourage everyone to get creative with this. We'd like to have as much variety as possible so feel free to think outside the box to get this done

Lastly, and probably most importantly, we ask everyone stay positive. This campaign isn't directed at our current owners. There really should be no need to even mention them. This is between these city and fans, and the NBA and BOG. It isn't a place to express your frustrations, but a chance to have your story of fandom heard. Here We Stay prides itself on being a positive voice for the Kings fan base, and we like to think every action we have ever taken was pushed with a positive mindset and we have no reason to change that approach. Kings fans are some of the classiest fans in the NBA and it is important to maintain that reputation.

All entries will be evaluated and any videos that are overly negative, have foul language, or are counter to the effort to keep the Kings in Sacramento will be deleted. While this may seem a bit harsh to some, we believe it's going to be necessary to have a bit of control on what the message is. I hope everyone understands.

Another reason we will be strict with our guidelines is because if this campaign proves successful and we receive a good number of videos, when the time is right we may want to reach out to local politicians, local personalities, and other well known Kings fans or former players and see if they'd like to be associated with the #HereWeStayNBA campaign by submitting a video as well. By keeping our action positive, we keep that possibility open.

To get a head start, we contacted some fans and they have already submitted videos. We are happy to officially make our channel public with these videos. Check them out at:

A big shout out to Adriana, Laura, Peggy, Shannon, Samantha, Chris, Nancy and others putting videos together to help us launch this campaign, and a very special thank you goes out to Sign Lady and Mr. Sign Lady for agreeing to participate as well. We've gotten to know them a bit better in the past year and they're truly a symbol of what Sacramento Kings fans are all about: loyalty, passion, and optimism. The fact that they were willing to submit a video speaks to the trust they have in us and we hope to reciprocate that by keeping this campaign as positive as we can, highlighting only the best side of Sacramento Kings fans. I hope you all enjoy their video, as well as the others.

So now it's your turn. Hopefully we can get a lot of you to participate and make this a good campaign. Help us spread the word and tell friends and family about this. They don't even have to be Kings fans. If anyone has a good reason why they want to keep the team in Sac, they are welcomed to record a video too. Please also give us your feedback in the comments.

In addition to the video campaign, Here We Stay has compiled a list of 82 reasons why the NBA is good for Sacramento. Each reason will be shared on social media at the start of every Kings game this season. Get involved and make sure you retweet and share them all.

Follow Here We Stay on Twitter @HereWeStay and on Facebook at