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Kings vs. Lakers: The preseason is (almost) over!

Sacramento's preseason finale comes on Thursday in San Diego against the totally unfamiliar Lakers.

Stephen Dunn

The Kings will wrap up their preseason slate on Thursday with a game against the L.A. Lakers in San Diego. The tip is at 7 p.m. There is no local or national TV coverage, but Time Warner in L.A. will have it if you can procure a very tall antenna.

Keith Smart has backed off of his assertion that Thursday's starting lineup will be the regular season opener's starting lineup. I like to think that the coach is just building up the suspense for next Wednesday. (It's working.) What I think is a major positive from the Kings' training camp and preseason is that everyone is currently healthy (John Salmons' absence notwithstanding). Smart's not at a structural disadvantage in setting up his rotation. Yes, I am knocking furiously on wood.

The Lakers and Mike Brown aren't so lucky in this solitary regard: Kobe Bryant has an injury that will keep him out on Thursday and could also affect his status for the Lakers' regular season opener. I just laughed at the thought of Kobe letting Jodie Meeks start for him in the first game of the Dwight-Nash era. So scratch that.

Game thread will be in the cover at 7.