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Pre-Season Predictions: Kings Record

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Pre-Season is a time for hope. Just like the first day of school, everyone starts off with a blank slate. As we all know, the Kings have been stuck in the proverbial NBA cellar for the past four seasons, and haven't reached the playoffs in six. Each year we hope and pray that the team can climb back up to be relevant, to give us hope of a brighter future, and each year we have ended disappointed.

In my personal opinion, I am hard-pressed to see an end to the playoff rut, but I definitely could see an improvement in wins. DeMarcus Cousins is a stellar young big man, and is looking to be in great shape heading into training camp. Tyreke Evans is in a contract year, and while he hasn't shown noticeable improvement since his rookie year, he's still got a lot of talent and a lot to prove. Isaiah Thomas is the most promising Point Guard prospect the Kings have had in a long time. The Kings bench actually contains some depth with the additions of Aaron Brooks, James Johnson and Thomas Robinson. Keith Smart has implemented a great offseason regimen for his players and will have a full training camp and a regular practice schedule to work with. At least on the court, there is plenty to be excited about.

Will this year be any different? That's the question I pose to you. My humble prediction is that the Kings will finish around 35-47, a noticeable improvement and a big step in the right direction. Last season they were almost .500 at home, but had an abysmal road record. I foresee more wins at home than losses this season, and a better but still bad road record. Anything higher than 35-47 and I will be very pleased (and surprised). From 30-35, depending on the circumstances, will be disappointing. Anything below 30 will be a disaster.

Leave a comment in the thread below with your record predictions.