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Kings settle Francisco Garcia exercise ball lawsuit

Remember when Francisco Garcia broke his wrist while lifting weights on an exercise ball? The Kings' suit against the maker has been settled.


At long last, we have resolution in the infamous Francisco Garcia vs. Exploding Exercise Ball. (Note: pretty sure that's not the case's official title.) The Kings announced on Tuesday that they, El Flaco and the maker of the exercise ball that popped underneath him, causing a broken wrist about a half-season wasted in rehab, have all reached a settlement. No terms were released, but the Kings' lawyer indicated it was pretty favorable. (I'm still waiting for the lawyer who says he did a lousy job and got a terrible settlement.)

Garcia really hasn't been the same since the injury, though that has more to do with a de-emphasized role under Paul Westphal and Keith Smart. Garcia was always small for a small forward, and especially Smart has looked for size at the three. (We'll ignore Tyreke Evans' stint there for the moment.) Garcia will almost assuredly become a free agent in July, and the Kings have an option on his contract for 2013-14. Needless to say, despite his reputation as a gem in the locker room and his varied skill set, I'd be stunned if they kept him beyond this season.

No word on whether there are any exercise balls in the Kings' practice facility at this point.