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Kings vs. Bulls: Game thread

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

We're going to see if one game thread will work under United. If it doesn't, we'll adjust for Game 2.

Ground rules:

  • A post-game quick recap dance/rants thread will be posted shortly after completion of the game.
  • A full recap will eventually follow.
  • No GIFs or images in this thread.
  • Do not ask for, post or discuss streams.

Also, this season we'll be posting one of the 82 reasons the NBA should keep the Kings in Sacramento to the game thread. Here's today's ...

Because this is how Sacramento feels about its team #HereWeStayNBA

If you're on Twitter, tweet that. Let's get this stuff in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Remember to check out the #HereWeStayNBA YouTube channel (and submit!) and like the group on Facebook. We can do this, y'all.