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Pre-Season Predictions: Kings Leading Scorer

Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Meet the Candidates:

Marcus "The Incumbent" Thornton

Since joining the Kings, Marcus Thornton has easily been the team's best and most prolific scorer. In 78 total games he has scored at least 20 points 43 times (55.1%) and been held below double-digits just 7 times. He hit a full quarter of the Kings three pointers last season. The biggest impetus to Marcus Thornton not winning his 3rd straight Sacramento scoring title will be what role he is given. As a sixth man, it's almost inevitable that he won't be able to score enough per game to lead the team in scoring, even though that might end up being better for the team. But as a starter, it'd be very easy to see him at the top once again.

DeMarcus "The Centerpiece" Cousins

This is DeMarcus Cousins's team now, and everybody knows it. Last year, Cousins scored 18.1 PPG in just over 30 minutes a night. He also had an incredibly high usage rate of 29.7%, meaning that almost a third of the Kings offensive possessions were used by DeMarcus. That's unlikely to change this season either, so the opportunity for Demarcus to lead the team in scoring will easily be there. If he cuts on his fouls and gets more playing time, the points will be there. If he increases his efficiency at all, the points will be there. If his conditioning has improved enough that he can play at a high level for a longer period of time, the points will be there. In my opinion, Big Cuz is the early favorite for Kings leading scorer.

Tyreke "The Contract Year" Evans

Tyreke is in the last year of his contract with plenty to prove. Even though his last couple years have a been disappointing, we know he can score the ball. Few people get to the basket as easily as Evans, but since his rookie year, teams have caught onto this fact and have packed the paint effectively against him. Supposedly, Evans has been working diligently this summer on improving his jumper, mid-range and off-the-ball game. If this does turn out to be the case, it will greatly open up Evans' offensive game. Aside from Cousins, no player on the Kings has as much potential than Evans. With the added incentive of the contract year I could easily see Evans regain his Kings scoring title.

Isaiah "Anything Is Possible" Thomas

Last year Thomas proved to be a big surprise and earned his spot as the Kings' PG of the future. One area that particularly stood out was Thomas' scoring ability. While he only averaged 11.3 PPG, that is bumped up to 16.3 PPG per 36 minutes. Thomas also led the Kings in efficiency with a team leading .574 True Shooting Percentage (TS%). For those that don't know, TS% adjusts regular FG% to account for 3P% and FT%. To lead the team in scoring, Thomas will have to keep up that efficiency up while putting up a few more shots or getting to the line more.

Aaron "Crazier Stuff Has Happened" Brooks

This is a real wild card pick right here. Brooks hasn't played in the NBA since April of 2011 and he hasn't played well since the 2009-10 season. Still, that was a year where Brooks managed to score 19.6 PPG for a team that finished 42-40. Brooks would have to beat out Isaiah Thomas for the starting PG spot, and he'd have to start hitting threes at the rate he was back during his award winning year. It's highly unlikely he leads the team in scoring, but never say never.

Chuck "The Mayans Were Right" Hayes

Chuck Hayes, who has a career scoring average of 4.2 PPG, would only be able to lead the Kings in scoring due to apocalyptic forces.


So, who do you got?