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Shocker: George Maloof apparently lied about the Kings' devotion to Sacramento

Reports suggest George Maloof himself went to Virginia to talk about a deal to move the Kings to Virginia Beach.

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Ethan Miller

Those Virginia Beach rumors popped back up this week, with the Virginian-Pilot reporting that a Kings representative met with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and city officials to discuss a deal to build an arena and move the team to the Atlantic coast. WAVY-TV followed up early Friday to report that it wasn't just a Kings rep in the talks.

Governor Bob McDonnell, Beach Mayor Will Sessoms and officials from Comcast-Spectacor met in Richmond last week along with Sacramento Kings owner George Maloof in regards to the Kings moving their team to Virginia Beach.

George Maloof himself. What a shocker.

The Kings' old tired statement about these rumors, by the way?

"We have been contacted over the years by several cities and parties interested in the Kings organization. However, we are not going to comment on rumors regarding relocation of the franchise.

"Our sole focus over the last several months has been to improve the team. ... The future of the Kings franchise is very bright as ownership has made a strong financial investment in the organization by adding nearly $135 million in potential future player payroll over the past two off-seasons."

Sole focus. Huh.

And, from that same Bee story, Joe Maloof's comment?

Sacramento Kings co-owner Joe Maloof simply said "no" Thursday when asked by The Bee whether the team had a recent meeting with the Virginia governor. Maloof offered no elaboration.


For what it's worth, Kevin Johnson is playing this like a fiddle in Tennessee. From our friend Sam Amick:

"If somebody is going to pay an exorbitant price, and overpay, or do something very similar to what (Anaheim Ducks owner Henry) Samueli was going to do in Anaheim, if Chris Hansen is looking to do something like that, then that may be something that doesn't apply to us," Johnson told USA TODAY Sports. "All things being considered, I would like to believe that (the Maloofs) have a change of heart and are willing to consider selling at a fair price and that they would give us a chance to keep the team here in Sacramento."

If this is a ploy to make Sacramento desperate, it's not going to work. In the mean time, keep on lying. Keep on speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Keep on proving that you, George Maloof, are not ever ever ever to be trusted by anyone. Developer or not.

"Trust me." Spare me.