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NBA reviewing DeMarcus Cousins-Sean Elliott discussion

Apparently, the NBA is looking into a post-game discussion between DeMarcus Cousins and terrible Spurs broadcaster Sean Elliott from Friday.


On Friday, Spurs broadcaster Sean Elliott reportedly trashed DeMarcus Cousins during the fourth quarter of the Kings' loss to San Antonio. Elliott criticized Boogie for "trash-talking" Tim Duncan after a couple of scores (both of which probably should have been called as charges on Cousins). On an ensuing possession, Duncan stuffed Cousins. Elliott apparently crowed and said some "humility was in order." Word got back to Cousins that Elliott was trashing him. (How? I have no idea.) Cousins apparently came back out onto the court in full uniform to talk to Elliott.

Here's how the San Antonio Express-News describes it.

"I was wondering why Cousins was out there in his uniform waiting for them to finish his postgame show," said Bill Schoening, who does the play-by-play call on radio broadcasts of Spurs games. "Then I saw them in an animated conversation out on the court.

"I observed Sean walk away from Cousins and Cousins continue to talk to Sean as he left the scene, but I couldn't hear what was being said."

Here's what Cousins told the media back in the Kings locker room, via Cowbell Kingdom.

"I mean me and Tim - we're good," Cousins said, pointing out that he meant nothing malicious with his trash talk. "Like I said, I have the utmost respect (for him). But for the commentator to say the things that he said - that was immature."

The Express-News reports that the league is aware of the incident. Chances are it'll fade into the annals of Boogie History. Cousins has always talked up Duncan -- including an infamous moment last season in which Cousins was caught on a broadcast mouthing "F--k, he's good" after a classic Duncan play.

It should be noted that Elliott (who was a fantastic player and does a lot for charity) is a total hack. Anyone who remembers Spurs-Grizzlies from 2010-11 remembers how much grief Elliott got when his local calls went national. He's ... bad. I like to think Cousins was just doing the viewing public's bidding by talking back to Elliott.