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Match-up of the game: DeMarcus Cousins vs. Dwight Howard

DeMarcus Cousins has been awesome this season ... in the three games he hasn't been in foul trouble. In the other three games, it's been rough, for both Cousins and the Kings. Sacramento is 2-1 in the games without Boogie foul trouble, and 0-3 in the games where foul trouble has been an issue.

That could spell trouble on Sunday, as Dwight Howard draws as many fouls as anyone else. He leads the league in total FTAs (68) and is averaging more than 11 per game. Fouling Dwight isn't actually a bad strategy because he's still an awful shooter, but anything that takes Cousins off the floor is bad for Sacramento. So if the Kings are fouling Howard, it needs to be someone other than Cousins.

Howard is typically good about avoiding foul trouble, and Cousins draws far fewer fouls at this point, so there shouldn't be an issue there for the Lakers. But note that L.A. is pretty awful up front behind Howard and Pau Gasol, so if Cousins does force the issue, things could get bright quickly for Sactown.