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Players Association Appealing Cousins' Suspension


Ailene Voisin reports that the NBA Players Association is appealing DeMarcus Cousins' two-game suspension with the NBA, calling his penalty "too severe". The immediate goal of the appeal is to get Cousins suspension lifted for tomorrow night's game against the Portland Trailblazers. DeMarcus has already missed the first game of his scheduled punishment against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

Cousins was suspended two games without pay for confronting San Antonio Spurs television analyst Sean Elliott after last Friday's game. Cousins was reportedly upset at some disparaging remarks made by Elliott, but as of yet we have no idea what was said between the two.

I do wonder why the Players Association is the one appealing the suspension and not the Kings however. The suspension seemed to catch the Kings unawares and they were reportedly not pleased at the punishment. The team has not made any official comment regarding the suspension however.

UPDATE: A source in the organization has informed me that teams cannot appeal suspensions with the NBA, and even run a risk of a fine from the league for speaking out against the punishment. Thus the only route for a player to appeal their suspensions is through the Players Association.

We'll find out tomorrow if the suspension has been successfully appealed or not.