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DeMarcus Cousins issues press release, apologizes

DeMarcus Cousins has issued a press release via his agent, apologizing to Kings fans, players and coaches.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

DeMarcus Cousins has issued a press release via his agent, John Greig. The press release (compiled from multiple tweets though Grieg's Twitter account), reads as follows:

I appreciate the support of the NBA Player's Association in appeal of my suspension by the NBA. I believe it best to allow the union and my agent, John Greig, to present my position about the situation. Despite believing the penalty unwarranted, I want to apologize to the Sacramento Kings, our fans and especially to my coaches and teammates for this distraction of our goals. As a leader of the team, I have to make the best decisions so my teammates can count on me. I am committed to continued growth and being the best player I can be.

Notably absent from Cousins' apology is Sean Elliot, keeping in theme with Cousins' statement of believing that the penalty was unwarranted.

For those speculating what might have actually been said, I would suspect this is about as much as we'll ever get from Cousins on the incident. As Sean Elliot has also remained quiet, it seems we may never know what exactly was said.

Around the same time that the statement was released,'s Scott Howard-Cooper dropped the following nugget:

Some within Kings believe Cousins' 2-games with very late notice is NBA tightening the screws on Maloofs over Sac arena / not selling.
It's pretty fun being a Kings fan right now, ain't it?