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Zach Randolph's Fine Shows How Differently DeMarcus Cousins is Treated

Ronald Martinez

Today the NBA announced that Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph was fined $25,000 for confronting Kendrick Perkins in the locker room after Nov. 14th's game against Oklahoma City. Randolph and Perkins both were ejected during the game. Randolph reportedly then went to the visitor's locker room to confront Perkins, for which he got fined. Perkins did not receive a fine from the NBA.

If you'll recall, the NBA suspended DeMarcus Cousins for two games last week after he confronted San Antonio Spurs television color analyst Sean Elliott after the game. The incident was indeed a terrible and stupid decision by Cousins and it deserved punishment of some sort but a two-game suspension seemed a little much, particularly when the same punishment was doled out for an intentional elbow to Jonas Jerebko the game prior. The NBPA filed an appeal of the suspension but were denied by the NBA.

The NBA also took their time deciding the punishment for Randolph and Perkins, with the decision coming a full five days after the incident, compared to Sacramento learning of DeMarcus' suspension a day later. The punishments for Randolph and Cousins were hardly even for what amounted to the same transgression. The loss of two games without pay essentially amounted to a loss of $90,000 for Cousins, as well as acting as an indirect punishment to the team itself.

Like it or not, DeMarcus has a target on his back, one that he put there. It's up to him to change public opinion.