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Is It Time For Geoff Petrie To Go?

SacBee columnist Ailene Voisin posits that if the team wants to make a drastic move, they have to start at the top and fire General Manager Geoff Petrie.

Kyle Terada - US PRESSWIRE

With the recent struggles of this Kings team, blame has been flung every which way, just as it has for the last few seasons. This team has been in a perpetual "rebuilding" stage for over five years now, and the team has seen roster upheaval and more coaches than any other team during that time. However, the man in charge, Geoff Petrie, has emerged unscathed throughout the whole mess.

In today's Bee, Ailene Voisin writes that it's time for that to change, and that Petrie must be held accountable. Petrie is the league's longest tenured executive, having helmed the Kings since 1994. He's won the Executive of the Year award twice thanks to some truly inspired trades, like Williams for Bibby and Richmond for Webber. There was a vision for building the team back then, one that seems lacking now.

The current plan for the Kings seems to be "acquire young players, hope they stick". There's no culture, no identity, just a bunch of individuals. Development, something that should be priority number one for a young team like the Kings, has been sorely missing from several players through the years, in part due to the coaching carousel.

There doesn't seem to be a focus for this roster. The building blocks are in constant flux. Tyreke Evans has gone from Rookie of the Year to enigma. DeMarcus Cousins is a high-usage hothead. Isaiah Thomas looked like a breakout candidate for the Kings point guard, but that situation is now confused with the signing of Aaron Brooks and the improved play of Jimmer Fredette. The Small Forward situation has never been solved, and instead has saddled the Kings with contracts like Travis Outlaw and John Salmons. This team still doesn't even look like a 30 win team, let alone contenders for a playoff spot.

So yes, I would agree that Geoff Petrie has to go. No, I don't have an idea on who to replace him with, and yes I realize that the Maloofs would be the ones doing the hiring. But we can't just keep settling for what we're getting now. We need an infusion of new blood, someone who can bring fresh ideas and a plan to the franchise, much like Petrie did when he first came here.

Geoff Petrie will still go down as a great executive and one of the best things to happen to this franchise. But his successes are now long behind him and it should be someone else's turn.