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Meet Sactown Royalty's new social media editor

Kevin Fippin has joined the masthead as Sactown Royalty's new social media editor.

We're pleased to announce that the great Kevin Fippin is the new social media editor for Sactown Royalty. Such an extraordinary free agent acquisition will surely land Sactown Royalty high on John Hollinger's SB Nation NBA offseason grades ranking. K-Fipps will be running the Twitter feed (@sactownroyalty) and Facebook page ( Now would be a good time to follow those if you don't already!

You can follow Kevin on Twitter at @kfippin, as well. Akis (@Aykis16), Greg (@gwiss), Biegler (@robbybiegler) and myself (@teamziller) are all on there as well, and you can find section214 on that classic social network The Pony Express.