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Final Score: Kings lose to Pacers 97-92

The Kings once again fell short late, but kept the game close despite Tyreke Evans sitting out with a knee bruise.


Final - 11.30.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Indiana Pacers 20 23 29 25 97
Sacramento Kings 17 23 27 25 92

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The Sacramento Kings lost to the Indiana Pacers 97-92, losing another close game that was actually quite winnable. The Kings were without Tyreke Evans, who sat out with a knee bruise. When Jason Thompson got into early foul trouble it looked like Indiana was primed to run away with the game. But the Kings played hard and kept it close throughout. It was a disappointing loss, but better than I expected when Tyreke was scratched from the line-up. Marcus Thornton started in his place, and finished with 15 points.

Sacramento was led by DeMarcus Cousins, who performed well against Roy Hibbert and finished with 19 points, 16 rebounds, two steals and an assists. However, the state line doesn't accurately reflect how forced Cousins' game was most of tonight. Cousins shot a terrible 5-17 from the field, and forced a lot of ugly shots. Cousins has never been a picture of efficiency, but tonight was bad.

Jimmer Fredette, Thomas Robinson, and Francisco Garcia all provided nice sparks off the bench. Jimmer looked confident again in 18 minutes of playing time, finishing with 12 points. Robinson saw extra playing time when Jason Thompson found himself in the aforementioned foul trouble, and Robinson brought some great energy in his early opportunity. He gave the Kings some momentum early with several big blocks. Robinson ended with seven points, seven rebounds, and three blocks in 25 minutes.

And yes, I said Francisco Garcia. At one point early in the game Cisco was the Kings leading scorer. That's a sentence written about a Kings game that happened in 2012. Lots of respect to Cisco for being ready when his number was called. He finished with 12 points.

Due to availability issues, the full recap will not be posted until tomorrow morning. In the meantime, use this thread for all your post game discussion needs.

Nostradumbass of the Night was Heuristic Lineup with 6 points. For the second straight game in a row, we had someone guess the exact score, and this time two people did as Deleran also guessed it but did not get a point aside from that, finishing with 5.