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Thomas Robinson ejected for elbow, faces likely suspension

The rookie from Kansas tossed an elbow into Jonas Jerebko's throat, getting him ejected early in the fourth and likely drawing a suspension from the league.

Thomas Robinson was ejected from the Kings' Wednesday win over the Pistons for throwing an elbow that caught Detroit forward Jonas Jerebko in the throat. The elbow earned a flagrant-two, and the popular opinion is that he'll be booted from the next game or two by the NBA. A couple notes from the beat writers. From Jason Jones:

Kings guard Tyreke Evans said Robinson apologized to the team. "It looked like it was a pretty hard shot," Evans said. "Thomas said (Jerebko) flopped a little bit, but I don't know."

And Jonathan Santiago:

According to those seated courtside, Jonas Jerebko's constant chirping may have led Thomas Robinson to throw the elbow that got him ejected from the game.

I mean, that's not cool. But I'm not saying T-Rob will be any less feared around the league after this, if you know what I'm saying.

The Kings draw the Spurs on Friday and Lakers on Sunday, and can ill afford to miss rotation players if getting over .500 in November is the goal.