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Kings vs. Bucks: Sacramento looking for road win against decent team

The Kings got a road win earlier this week. Next goal: beat a decent team away from Sacramento.


The Sacramento Kings climb one hurdle on Saturday by winning a game on the road. On Monday, we learned the next hurdle wouldn't be so easily accomplished. That'd be beating a good team on the road. The Mavericks waxed the Kings without Dirk Nowitzki or Shawn Marion. Next up: the Milwaukee Bucks, a team comparable to Dallas right now.

The Bucks aren't comparable in terms of style, just quality. Milwaukee is led by Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings, firebolt scorers who take an inordinate share of the team's shots. If they shoot well, Milwaukee will likely rack up points and win. If they don't, Milwaukee will struggle. Ergo, ensuring those two fellas shoot poorly seems like a key.

For the sixth straight game, everyone seems convinced Tyreke Evans will play, which probably means that he's not going to play. Needless to say, he'd be a boon. With Marcus Thornton playing pretty poorly and the point guards coming and going, Tyreke is vital. DeMarcus Cousins should be able to do some good things inside, though he'll need to avoid being victimized by Larry Sanders, who could very well go for 12-12-12 today.