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Kings vs. Nuggets: Home again in Sacramento

The Kings return to Sacramento for one game on Sunday. The Nuggets are the opponent.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings went 1-3 on their road trip, getting off the rails with an opening win and then promptly dropping three straight by double digits. But on Sunday the Kings return home to face the Nuggets. The Kings are 6-6 at home this season.

The game is scheduled for 3 p.m. Pacific on News10 and 1140 AM. Note: News10! Not Comcast SportsNet California. Mind your TiVo season passes.

The Nuggets enter 12-12 overall and 6-11 on the road. They last played Friday, beating the Grizzlies. They've obviously played a massive road count to date ... just seven games at home. The Nuggets have a top-10 offense but have surprisingly been struggling on defense. I imagine that will change over the course of the season. Heck, it might change on Sunday!

No word on lineup changes from Keith Smart. I'd be stunned if Isaiah Thomas doesn't get more minutes. That said, if that takes minutes from Jimmer Fredette, that's also a bad thing. Free Zeke. Free Jimmer.

Game thread at 3. Fan predictions soon.