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Thomas Robinson seems totally happy with Keith Smart

The Kings get blown out. Thomas Robinson doesn't make an appearance until very late in the third. What on Earth?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings were down by 28 points to the Nuggets with just three minutes left in the third quarter when Keith Smart called Thomas Robinson's number for the first time. T-Rob always enters in the first or second quarter. It's kind of a necessity when you have four big men total. They all play. But not on Sunday. Not until the game was essentially over. Mind you, this came two games after Smart elected to start Travis Outlaw at power forward over Robinson due to DeMarcus Cousins' suspension.

How does Thomas Robinson feel about all of this? From The Bee:

Robinson was noticeably down after the game. He said he didn't know why he didn't play in the first half as he normally does, nor did he get an explanation.

"I don't know," Robinson said. "I don't ask him for anything really anyways. I'm over it."

Awesome! What say you, Keith Smart? (Note that Jimmer Fredette, the lottery pick from 2011, didn't enter until the game was out of reach either.)

"They got in the game when they got in the game," Smart said when asked why both players didn't enter until the second half.

Smart offered no further explanation.

OK, boss!

[This is what happens when the wheels bounce off. It all falls apart.]