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DeMarcus Cousins now represented by Dan Fegan, who doesn't exactly get along with Geoff Petrie

Another landmine in the Kings' DeMarcus Cousins situation: Dan Fegan is his new agent.


Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee reports that DeMarcus Cousins has a new agent: Dan Fegan. You may remember Fegan from classics like "Kevin Martin on his way out of town" and "Ricky Rubio before the 2009 NBA Draft."

Fegan does not get along with Geoff Petrie. Both known incidents between the two revolve around Jason Levien, who was Martin's agent, then a Kings assistant general manager, now the Grizzlies' CEO. Levien had to give up his clients when he joined the Kings. Martin went unrepresented for a while. Fegan landed Rubio as a high-profile client. Petrie didn't really want to go through the hoops to work out or consider Rubio. Levien knew Fegan pretty well, and at the Maloofs' behest organized a one-on-none workout for the Spaniard in Sacramento. It would be Ricky's only workout that spring. That's when the bad feelings between Petrie and Levien began. Petrie thought Levien was trying to make a power move by boosting Rubio in the media. Petrie began cracking down on leaks. The Kings didn't pick Rubio, and I've been told Levien even recommended against drafting him because of the buy-out in Spain. But the damage was done.

Things could have gotten better, but then Martin signed with Fegan. And Martin-Tyreke Evans didn't really work out. And Martin was getting his side out in the media, through Sam Amick, who happened to be a pretty good friend of Levien. Things got really toxic. Let's let Sam tell that piece, from February 2010:

Martin's hiring of Fegan didn't sit well with Petrie, as the agent is among the most influential in the game and known for putting serious pressure on teams if his guy doesn't want to be in the current locale.

And now we enter Welpville.

Martin got traded, and now Cousins is repped by Fegan. Chances are that Boogie came to Fegan via John Wall, another of the agent's clients. So look forward to that whole thing getting more fuel.

The benching on Friday? Not good. The suspension? Bad bad bad. This whole agent switch? Rough as hell. John Greig, Cousins' old agent, was a really good, calm dude. He navigated the Westphal disaster well. He was fair in my view. Fegan isn't nice, calm or a good dude. He's a shark, and this change makes nothing easier for Petrie or the Kings. (When Cousins hits free agency, though, it'll sure mean Boogie gets all of the money, though.)