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POLL: How many games should DeMarcus Cousins be suspended?

Let's crowdsource this batch of cookies.


Alright, so here's what we know about DeMarcus Cousins' suspension:

* It's indefinite. Which means it could be zero games or 30 games.

* This is not the first disciplinary act on Cousins this season month.

* Cousins has been suspended twice by the team in the past, including one indefinite suspension handed down by Paul Westphal. Both suspensions lasted one game.

* The latest incident already landed Cousins on the bench for the entire second half on Friday.

* Reports say that Cousins' screaming match with Keith Smart featured extensive profanity and personal attacks by the player.

* Smart has to this point been Cousins' strongest advocate on the team.

* Teammates apparently don't like Cousins.

So with that all said, how long do you think the suspension lasts?