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Sacramento Kings Christmas Cards

The holidays are winding down. My wife and I unwrapped our gifts and stuffed ourselves with thousands of calories, looked at the mess our house had become, looked at each other and sighed. I guess it's time to start cleaning up, and that means taking down the tree, dusting off the mantel, and tossing out all of the Christmas cards we received this year. But, before we take out the trash I thought you might like to see a few of them...


Disclaimer: 99.9% of what you'll read below is untrue...100% of it is all in fun. Special thanks to Kings players and personnel for being great sports.


Many of the Sacramento King's players, fans, and staff really got into the spirit this year, and spared no expense when it came to putting together their 2012 Christmas cards. I don't know how it happened but somehow I made it onto the mailing list.

*Sacramento Kings PA announcer Scott Moak, the man with the golden voice and best hair in the NBA, sent us Christmas card. AND get to see it too!


*You may have heard his name dropped from time to time by JRoss or the High Flyer on "Kings Talk," but you probably didn't know how much Executive Radio Producer Kevin Sherrets loves Christmas...and Kitties.


*Little known fact: Isaiah Thomas and Will Ferrell are friends from way back. My understanding is Big Willie shipped IT the actual costume from the movie Elf for Isaiah's Christmas card this year. I'd say it was worth it.


*If there's one thing Jason Thompson knows, it's how to rock the hell out of a sweater! The man takes fashion risks like a seasoned pro. #Respect


*FACT: The Kings have the best New Media team in the NBA.

FACT: The Kings New Media team has created a huge community of engaged fans that we all enjoy being a part of.

FACT: Jason Wise is the New Media Coordinator for the Sacramento Kings, and good friend of mine.

SPECULATION: The Sacramento Kings have a strange thing for cats and sweaters.


*I have to give credit where it's due, as a recent newlywed myself I know how easy it would have been for the Fredettes to mail it in this year (See what I did there?!?). But Jimmer and Whitney put on their best antler head bands, grabbed "Lil shooter," and posed for this gem.


*Recently, Keith Smart switched to a tough love strategy for dealing with DeMarcus Cousins. In fact, a few days before Christmas, he forced him to decorate the team tree while his teammates watched and laughed. DMC forgot to visually inspect the string of lights for bad bulbs...the league responded with a 2 game suspension.


*Last but not least. StR member Ed Montes (edm7) sent me a Christmas Card this year. What a showoff!

Alright, that's all of them guys. Hope you had as much fun checking them out, as I had making them. Happy holidays, and here's to more SACRAMENTO Kings basketball in the new year!

Do you have Photoshop skills and a sense of humor? Lets see your best Kings Christmas Card in the comments below!