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DeMarcus Cousins trade rumors: Maloofs 'reluctant' to part with Kings' center's Marc Stein reports that the Maloofs are not on board with trading the Kings' inexpensive, young center DeMarcus Cousins.


For those of you who think the Kings ought to trade DeMarcus Cousins,'s Marc Stein reports that while Geoff Petrie agrees, the Maloofs are opposed to moving the smoldering young man.

The early word from the DeMarcus Cousins trade watch, according to the latest rumbles on the personnel grapevine, is that Kings co-owners Gavin and Joe Maloof remain reluctant in the extreme to part with their young big man, especially at a time when -- after three suspensions already this season -- Cousins' trade value isn't exactly on the upswing.

Stein says that Petrie would move Cousins for a quality veteran or two. (We're going to need a firm definition of "quality" here.) When and if Cousins hits the market, Detroit and Boston are said to be interested. It's unclear what either would offer -- some of the Celtics' suggestions I've seen are disgusting, and I doubt the Pistons will be offering Greg Monroe. Rodney Stuckey and Andre Drummond? Is even that too much? Would Joe Dumars really do this to Lawrence Frank?

It's going to be a really interesting if depressing trade season if this happens.