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In which Ric Bucher loses any remaining credibility regarding the Kings

Ric Bucher opened up regarding the Sacramento arena situation, and promptly reminds everyone that maybe he should open up about fewer things.


Ric Bucher opened up with his thoughts on the state of the Sacramento Kings on Monday, via Sulia. In doing so, he quickly reminded everyone that he's completely out of the loop regarding the Kings, the Maloofs, and Sacramento. Let's break this down.

Bucher says he keeps thinking about the "garbage bags" falling to the floor during a Kings game on November 5th. Nearly a month ago. He muses:

I keep envisioning the Maloofs with some sort of remote control device that caused the tarps to drop at their discretion, since nothing could've driven home the impression that the arena is old and outdated to a national audience more than that, thereby earning them the sympathy vote on why they're trying to get out of town.

I wish I could talk to Ric Bucher so I could attempt to comprehend how sympathy is garnered from being too cheap to replace the signage of departed sponsors. Sponsors who left the team because the Maloofs scuttled a deal in which they would have received a sparkling new arena, financed by the public and the NBA, with a minimal contribution from themselves. How does this make the Maloofs appear sympathetic? When one sign after another after another after another fell to the floor, disrupting play and publicly reminding the world of the exact sponsors who had left, how does that speak to the age of the arena?

The tarps were held up by tape. Rather than removing or replacing the signs, tarps were taped up. That says absolutely nothing about the state of the building. A building, by the way, that is in disrepair because the Maloofs do not pay to fix it. They own the building. It's dilapidated state speaks to the Maloof's cheapness, not to the city.

But wait! There's more!

As an aside within an aside, Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson made the same mistake the Orlando Magic made with Dwight Howard: if someone doesn't want to stay, don't keep them hostage.

Did you hear that guys?! We have them held hostage! Apparently it is up to the city whether or not the Maloofs can leave! We are forcibly holding the Kings here against their will! We should just roll out the red carpet, and ensure they don't have any barriers to leaving.

When the Maloofs destroyed what they themselves had called a fair deal because they didn't want to pay relatively small development costs, insisting that the deal be renegotiated so the city would pay more, it was Sacramento holding them hostage! When the Maloofs recently visited Virginia Beach, talking about a deal which would be 90% publicly financed, that's Sacramento holding the hostage!

He finishes with this gem:

But is it worth the hit when they leave, anyway, after you've embarrassed yourself trying to get them to stay? Maybe, fiscally, it is. It just doesn't appear that way.

Again, I'd love to talk to Ric. I'd love to ask how the city has embarrassed itself. With our shows of support? Did we embarrass ourselves when the entire city donned purple as the NBA visited to assess the situation? Did we embarrass ourselves when we organized a grassroots movement to keep the team from relocating? Did we embarrass ourselves when Kevin Johnson demonstrated how quickly he could attract big-name sponsorships?

Ric Bucher, you are the one who should be embarrassed. If you're not going to bother to pay attention, don't bother to chime in.