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Doc Rivers: Rajon Rondo is Good to Go for Tonight

Well scratch all that in the previous update about Rondo not playing. According to Boston Head Coach Doc Rivers, Rondo is good to go and will play tonight.

This obviously creates a lot more problems for the Kings to deal with. Rondo's averaging a league leading 11.7 assists per game, with a ridiculous 51.8% Assist Rate. That means he assists on just slightly over half of all his teammate's field goals while he's on the floor.

Rondo is also an all-world defender and allows Boston to field some depth in the backcourt where before they had none. Rondo will likely start in his return next to Jason Terry, with Courtney Lee coming off the bench.

Isaiah Thomas handled himself pretty well in his last and only matchup to date with Rondo. We'll see how he handles the rematch.