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Kings vs. Raptors: Is there momentum anywhere to be found?

Sacramento will try again to register a home win, this time facing the quite bad Toronto Raptors.


The Kings host the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Pacific on Comcast SportsNet California and 1140 AM. The Raptors are one of the few teams as bad as the Kings this season, sitting at 4-14, two losses worse than Sacramento. But Toronto has played an inordinate number of games on the road (11, to seven at home), whereas the Kings have been, uh, lucky enough to boast a home-heavy schedule early on. This will be the Kings' 11th game at home, with just six (all losses) on the road. As we know, all of that evens up over the course of the season.

We cannot count on the Kings winning any game, but if you're going to stick odds on it, this would be one the Kings would seem to have a promising chance of taking. Tyreke Evans is expected to return to the court; he has been Sacramento's best player this season, and the Aaron Brooks-Marcus Thornton pairing we saw in two games last week was disaster in action. Returning Brooks and Thornton to their more appropriate roles should help. Whoever guards Kyle Lowry will have his hands full, and keeping a weathered eye on occasionally brilliant scorer Andrea Bargnani is always recommended.

Game thread will be up at 7. The fan predictions thread is coming, too.