Our Rebuild Project...Will it Ever Turn into Something Good?

What is going on with our team? If the definition of crazy holds true, then I and maybe everyone else here on StR, are poster-childs for it.

I say this because every night I watch our team thinking that this will be the night where they put it together. That this will be the night our team has the lightbulb turn on and we begin to push forward as a force to be reckoned with. I sit there thinking that this is the game where Cousins says FTW (and FTM), plants himself in the lowpost, and absolutely dominates whatever poor sap happens to be guarding him that night. I wait for Keith Smart to do something that makes sense in regards to his rotations, playcalls, and etc. And throughout each game, each quarter, each minute, I expect it to happen. I expect for something to just happen...that's probably the best way I can explain it. No matter how much we're down by or how poor we've played, I am just waiting and expecting for something to happen. Then before I know it, the game is over. I realize that I just wasted another three hours of my life watching Cousins sit on the elbow attempting to drive to the rim like he thinks he's Tyreke, and throwing up a forced shot. Over and over and over again. Then I realize that I just watched Keith Smart orchestrate the worst basketball performance I've seen in awhile. But I remember, "Wait, I just saw this the night before".

The next morning, I wake up to the usual articles and blog posts about how bad the Kings played, VA Beach rumors, Seattle rumors, and more Maloof hate.

This is my life as a Kings fan...yet I still fight, hope, pray, and hope some more that one day, all these "wasted" hours turn into something that makes me appreciate the Kings success that much more. Does that make sense? I watch, read, listen, and breathe Kings. Hopefully one day, this will happen. Hopefully this day is sooner rather than later.

And for my last thought...FTM. Seriously. FTM. As much as I hope for our team to be successful (and watchable), I hope for something more. Something bigger. And that's for the Maloofs to be gone and the Kings here to stay in Sacramento. Every thing we've had to watch, read, and listen to is a product of them. I refuse to stop being a fan. I had a freaking Tyus Edney jersey in elementary school for crying out loud. One of my happiest moments as a fan was listening to 1140 on the radio as a kid and hearing how excited our play-by-play guy got when Randy Brown swatted Vlade Divac (on LAL then). My roots are deep and I will continue to drive myself crazy waiting for the day that everything clicks for our team.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)