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Bring City Hall To The Arena For TNT Night

As The Ed Montes Plan announced last night at the Sacramento City Council meeting, Here We Stay has invited the members of the council to attend TNT Night at Power Balance Pavilion as the Kings face the Thunder on February 9. It is the Kings' only appearance on TNT, ESPN or ABC this season, until the NBA Finals in June, of course.

While we have no doubt that The Plan has enormous sway on I Street, we figured it couldn't hurt to amplify the message. We've drafted a sample letter to send to the Council to invite them to TNT Night, and we're hoping you can help get the message to them and sending it along. We encourage personalization -- heck, write a whole new one! We have also included the contact info for members of the Council below the jump.

Here's the sample letter.

Dear Councilmember,

Professional entertainment and sports is part of the cultural fabric of this city. Having a facility and a professional sports franchise provides the citizens of Sacramento and the surrounding region an opportunity to rally behind something – to participate in something together as one. A central meeting point provides value beyond measure and sustains civic pride.

Last year, the entire community united to keep that legacy alive and to protect the future of professional entertainment and sports in this city. On Thursday, Feb. 9, thousands will come together again at Power Balance Pavilion when the Sacramento Kings take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on national television. As a member of the grassroots community fighting to keep this legacy alive, I invite you to attend this game so you can see firsthand how having a professional sports franchise ignites passion and unity among the people you represent.

This is a special community, one with a lot of fight in it. Join us for "TNT Night" as we display our dedication to our city and our team to a national audience, and demonstrate why building a new entertainment and sports complex is vital to the Sacramento region.



Here's the contact info:

To email the mayor, use this form: