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Reacting To TNT's Arena Mistake

As we all know by now, during the TNT broadcast of Kings-Thunder on Thursday -- while many of us were screaming our heads off inside the gym -- Cheryl Miller, Reggie Miller and then Chris Webber misstated some facts about last week's City Council vote to deny a public vote on the parking revenue funding plan. Kevin Johnson tried to correct them, and Webber ended up seeming legitimately confused, but if you were an NBA fan watching the telecast with no knowledge of the actual situation here, you would likely have walked away believing that it was a done deal: the Kings were leaving Sacramento.

We know that's not true. There are a series of votes coming up that will determine whether the funding plan is workable, and negotiations with the league and AEG continue to round out the full menu of financing. The vote last Tuesday was narrowly a positive: the gasps came from the narrow margin, not the result itself. That's what Webber, Miller and their producers missed.

But here's the thing: it doesn't matter.

Grant Napear went on a rampage on Webber and TNT yesterday, culminating in an interview with Webber that ended poorly (to say the least). All of that negative energy produced by both of them could have been better used inciting some positive action. Webber doesn't have a time machine. He made a mistake on the air, but he cannot erase it, and saying something next Tuesday on NBA TV or on Twitter or next Thursday on TNT isn't going to undo anything.

But no real damage was done. Who cares if folks in Tulsa are confused about the Sacramento arena situation? Hell, a member of the Sacramento City Council is clearly confused about the Sacramento arena situation. This is what is important. Making sure those nine voters who will determine the fate of the Railyards, the largest undeveloped infill property in the country, know what's going on is important.

Grant does what he does. I just wish there would be less spittle and more push toward positive action. He has a ton of listeners who could be firing off emails to City Council instead of firing off angry text messages about C-Webb.