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A Quick Word On Our GIF And Photo Policy

You may have noticed we are more aggressively removing photos and GIFs featuring scantily clad women from our traditional post-win threads. We will continue to do so, and repeat offenders who post these photos and GIFs will meet the Timeout Tapper or, possibly, the Ban Hammer.

This is not about the appeasement of those offended by the photos and GIFs. This is about Sactown Royalty not serving as your personal repository for quasi-porn images. Contrary to what some have tried to argue, you do not have a Constitutional right to post GIFs of jiggly women in the comments of your favorite sports blog. We follow the policies set forth by Vox Media and those additional policies that make sense to us. The post-game thread is a fun tradition that can be fun without ass-shaking GIFs. It's pretty simple.

If you notice an inappropriate photo or GIF in any thread, flag it. Do not comment about how chauvinistic the poster is. Just flag it and move on. The offending poster will be addressed.

What constitutes an inappropriate photo or GIF? If you legitimately don't know, it's probably inappropriate and not worth it.

Everyone's got a clean slate. Be good.

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