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Setting Expectations for Kings' Latest Road Trip

The Sacramento Kings are road trippin' again, off on a six-game sojourn leading up to All-Star Weekend. Tonight, the Kings meet the Bulls in Chicago before a Wednesday match against the Knicks. The Kings will have a day off before visiting the Pistons on Friday, another day off before facing the Cavaliers on Sunday, and one last day off before a back-to-back in Miami and Washington.

Given Derrick Rose's injury status, the only sure-bet, can't-win game would seem to be at Miami. The Heat are damned good and healthy. Tonight's game in Chicago is a highly probable loss -- the Bulls have been pretty good without Rose -- but there's a chance. The Knicks are a mystery, especially with Amare Stoudemire definitely back in the fold by Wednesday. (Carmelo Anthony is likely sitting until Friday.) The Cavaliers are decent, and the Pistons and Wizards are totally beatable.

The Kings should get two wins out of this. Three is a real possibility. Four is a stretch, given the way Lin is playing. Five is unthinkable. Six is not possible.

That's my view anyway. Let's hear yours.