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Basketball Fans Demand More Kings On National TV, Get Their Wish

The nationwide thirst for Sacramento Kings has resulted in the team's road game next Tuesday being added to NBA TV as a part of the league's Fan Night promotion. Each week, fans vote on which of roughly five non-nationally televised games to add to the NBA TV lineup on Tuesday night. This week, according to the NBA, fans resoundingly chose the Kings.

While no exit polls were conducted, it is believed that the Kings' Fan Night victory can be attributed to John Salmons Fever, a phenomenon sweeping the nation as everyone is buzzing about the unprecedented performances that the bearded man continues to accomplish. Minor outbreaks of Jimmermania and Travis OutLULZ are also suspected to be involved.

The game will be broadcast on Comcast SportsNet California as well, in case you prefer the soothing sounds of Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds to those biased out-of-market clownfrauds.

The game will be played against the Miami Heat.