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Sacramento Considers Visitors' Fee On Event Parking Downtown

The Bee's Tony Bizjak reports that city officials are considering adding a facet to the downtown arena financing plan: a $1-$3 surcharge for non-Sacramento residents parking in one of the downtown lots during an event night. It's unclear if the surcharge will be up for inclusion in the plan the City Council will see on February 28. Based on Bizjak's report, the city staff seems non-committal, though the Chamber of Commerce has a current phone survey out asking about the idea.

It's unclear exactly how much revenue the surcharge would bring in. The location is going to make public transit more sensible, and this surcharge won't work for folks who find street parking. Plus, most cars entering the structures will have two or more folks inside, and a good portion will come from within Sacramento city limits. But any revenue helps.

As a Yolo resident, I would be quite happy to pay a $3 surcharge to park downtown and watch Sacramento Kings basketball in a new facility.