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City Council Vote On Sacramento Arena Delayed To March 6

The Sacramento City Council will not vote on the proposed funding plan involving city parking facilities to build a new entertainment and sports complex downtown until March 6. KCRA's David Bienick was the first to report the news. The city is negotiating with the NBA and AEG through March 1 in an attempt to put together a term sheet that would go before the nine-member Council for approval.

That vote was originally scheduled for February 28, but in the interest of working with the NBA through March 1 and in giving the members of the Council enough time to review the plan, the mayor's office elected to delay the vote. The March 1 deadline is actually an NBA construct, so as long as commissioner David Stern is willing to delay the deadline for the Maloofs to file for relocation, there's no issue in missing that.

Kevin Johnson is expected to meet with Stern in Orlando at All-Star Weekend in the next few days. City staff has worked for weeks to get this deal done, but it'd still need what could prove to be a tough affirmative vote from the City Council.