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Sacramento Arena Term Sheet To Be Unveiled March 1, Assuming Negotiations Conclude

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Kevin Johnson explained the delay in the Sacramento City Council vote on a funding plan for a downtown entertainment and sports complex. Johnson said that the city would continue negotiations with the NBA and AEG to come up with a 'term sheet' by March 1, when it would be unveiled to the public. The council would then vote on the plan, assuming it comes together, on March 6.

Johnson also addressed David Stern's comments on how AEG's contribution to the new facility should be classified, whether as part of the Kings' contribution or a separate piece. KJ essentially disagreed with Stern, noting that the city brought AEG in separately. Johnson also humorously noted that he got excited when he heard Stern say that the Maloofs would make a significant investment in the new facility.

Johnson was flanked by five additional City Council members at his press conference. The plan will need five votes to pass on March 6.