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DeMarcus Cousins With Double-Double In Team Chuck Win


The Kings win! Err ... wait. Team Chuck wins! DeMarcus Cousins scored 18 points and picked up 11 rebounds as Team Chuck beat the hell out of Team Shaq in the 2012 Rising Stars Challenge on Friday, with the final score 146-133. Cousins had most of his points in the first couple minutes; at one point, Cousins had scored eight points and Team Shaq had scored two.

But just about everyone went into pure jog mode in the second half as the players put on a dunk exhibition. Boogie had an unfortunate role in perhaps the best play of the night, a Ricky Rubio break to Blake Griffin alley-oop. Yep, Cousins got nutmegged.

Cousins' spot in the Rising Stars Challenge was the first and last Kings appearance at All-Star 2012 in any official capacity. Who knows what next season will bring? J.J. Hickson in the Celebrity Game, perhaps?

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