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At Least No One Is Urinating On Tyler Honeycutt's Clothes This Year

Sports Illustrated went in on UCLA and Ben Howland this week, with George Dorhmann putting together a rather comprehensive story on why that basketball program has fallen apart. There's no great scandal, just college kids gone mad.

One, Reeves Nelson, who has since been booted from the team, went particularly mad at Kings forward Tyler Honeycutt's expense.

When informing the players of the bed check, Howland remarked, "So there will be no party bus," which led some underclassmen to conclude that they had an informant in their midst. Nelson thought that Honeycutt, one of his roommates, was the rat, and he got his revenge. A short time later, Nelson returned home from a night of partying, piled Honeycutt's clothes on Honeycutt's bed, and then urinated on the clothes and flipped the bed over.

Elsewhere in the story, Dohrmann reports that Honeycutt was among the few recruits from the past few seasons who acted professionally while at UCLA.