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Kevin Love Suspended For Tuesday's Kings-Wolves Game

Kevin Love has been suspended by the NBA for two games after using Luis Scola's face as a stepping stone in the Minnesota Timberwolves' Saturday win over the Houston Rockets. That means that Love will miss the Sacramento Kings' Tuesday visit to Minneapolis, which is pretty irrelevant because Jason Thompson would dominate him regardless, and now will just be forced to dominate Michael Beasley instead.

Love's stomp on Scola's head came a week after the Argentine saved a ball off of Love's sensitive parts. Apparently both feel the need to be deemed the dirtiest scruffy player in the league. Sadly, neither will ever catch the quasi-bearded Tony Allen for the honor.

The Kings visit the 4-20 New Orleans Hornets on Monday, riding a two-game win streak. Should the Kings manage to beat the Hornets and a Loveless Minnesota (how sad does that sound?), they would enter TNT Night with a record of 10-15.